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Group Contact Tracing Follow-up: 01.19.22
Posted 1/19/22

Dear SRVUSD Parents and Caregivers,

We are sharing some additional information and reminders below as a follow-up to Friday’s email to the community. First of all, we have created an at-a-glance resource to make sure our entire community understands the updated COVID guidelines for students. We hope this, and other resources and updates on our COVID Safety and Health Information webpage will continue to be helpful for our community:

We want to acknowledge that some members of our community have expressed the hope we would continue with individual close contact tracing. CDPH has provided the group tracing option because it is a quicker and broader response to cases identified in school settings, and individual contact tracing is no longer considered effective in limiting transmission of the Omicron variant. 

Additionally, the group strategy means students may continue to take part in all aspects of K-12 schooling unless they develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. Our goal is to maintain in-person learning since that is best for students. The CDPH made this decision based on science because of the shorter incubation period and increased transmissibility of variants currently circulating, and because school districts like us are doing an excellent job with other COVID-19 mitigation factors as described below. We appreciate that the state of California responds with strategies for new challenges such as the Omicron variant.


  • The Federal Government has announced that residential households in the U.S. can order one set of 4 free at-home tests: Please order yours today!

  • Any student exhibiting symptoms, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection, must stay home from school. Please always assess your student each morning before they go to school.

  • Group Contact Tracing letters will be sent to:

    • All students in Elementary School who spent time with other students for more than 15 minutes indoors, or engaged in any other indoor activities, with a person who has tested positive. Schools will not be providing close contact tracing information.

    • All students in Middle and High Schools who attended school that day. Due to the fact that students can be in as many as 7 classrooms in a day plus other in-school activities, all parents/caregivers will be notified of the total number of cases at their middle or high school. Schools will not be providing individual student or class contact tracing information.

  • If you receive a letter that your student was exposed as a group contact:

    • Your student may return to school as long as they don’t have symptoms.

    • Continue to monitor your student for symptoms.

    • You may test, but you do not need to share negative results from an exposure for your student to return to school.

  • If your students tests positive, regardless of vaccination status, they must stay home and isolate. Whether they have symptoms or not, they must provide proof of a negative test on or after day five (5) in order to return to school.

  • Once again, we have created this at-a-glance resource to make sure our entire community understands these COVID guidelines for students.

COVID Testing: We want to remind everyone that all updated information and testing hours are also located on our website:


There has been a significant uptick in the number of people interested in taking advantage of the COVID testing we provide. As a result, there have been long lines at the Education Center at times. We ask that everyone please continue to demonstrate patience and grace with our testing partner, Agile. We feel so fortunate to be able to provide this for our community, keeping in mind that it’s not a service that all districts can provide.


Please also remember that you can take advantage of many other testing options in Contra Costa County. This includes the County Health Department run sites, pharmacies, testing at your Doctor’s office, and utilizing home test kits.


As always, SRVUSD’s COVID Task Force will continue to confer with County and State Health Departments and to analyze any new guidelines and recommendations as they are provided. We maintain our commitment to communicating with you promptly when we have updates to share. We appreciate all of your support and patience as we navigate through the pandemic.